Rafting is a great way to spend time actively, to discover the beauties of Montenegro, including those remote from standard tourist sites.

This small country hides the incredible beauty of rivers, lakes, rocky terrain and vibrant, lush vegetation. This is exactly the place that you want to visit more than once.

What is rafting?

Descent in order to study the area for honing sports skills is called rafting. It is made through artificially created channels, but more often a suitable natural area is selected. For the alloy, special inflatable vessels for 2, 4, 6 or 10 participants are used. Less commonly ate used wooden rafts. Rafting in Montenegro is in demand, since the country has a suitable terrain for this and many mountainous areas. Such a place is poorly populated and pleases with beautiful nature.

Where is rafting provided?

Main places for rafting in Montenegro:

Moraca River

It is also surrounded by a picturesque area, and the territory is completely safe and suitable for honing the skills of beginners, the first alloys. There is a more complex area, 1-2 complexity is noted in the lower reaches. If you want to conquer more interesting areas, you can find options for 4-6 points near the village of Redice and the Moraca Monastery. The disadvantage of this river is the need for a difficult road to the reservoir.

Tara River

This picturesque place, all 104 km of the river are located within the country. On the sides of the pond towering mountains with wooded vegetation. Many trees reach the age of 300-400 years, there are also places where waterfalls, tributaries flow into, campsites and Orthodox monasteries can be seen. The softness of the rock formed chiseled abysses and gorges. Thanks to the properties of the breed, the deepest canyon in Europe appeared. Tara is protected by UNESCO and is striking in its purity and transparency. Around developed a rich flora and fauna.

Lim river

After turning to the left, the river becomes different, noticeable waves are noted.  In places near the mountains there are rapids, deep whirlpools, the most vivid impressions can be experienced in the town of Berane.

Piva River

After the dam, the river becomes violent and rapid, there are routes with stunning panoramic views.

Rafting programs

Rafting in Montenegro is quite developed, it offers routes for one day or several days with interruptions. The features of water bodies are taken into account, for example, there are many campsites on the Tara River. The mass of routes- they vary in complexity and duration. The ideal time for rafting is June-September. 

Programs include delivery to the rafting site and other necessary events. If necessary, wetsuits, helmets and life jackets are provided. Usually stops are provided for relaxing in especially picturesque places, which will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Rafting with children

Since there are both dangerous and calm sections of rivers and reservoirs, in Montenegro you can look for options for rafting with children. Such offers may include calm rafting over light areas with rare and small differences and obstacles. Using vests minimizes the risk of injury.

Rafting cost

Prices for excursions and rafting depend on the remoteness of the reservoir, the method of delivery to the river, the duration and complexity of the route, as well as on the chosen swimming means.

We invite you to book the most suitable route for rafting. Be sure that a trip with beautiful views of nature will give a lot of vivid impressions and photos.