Montenegro is a state located in the southeastern part of Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula - its Adriatic coast.

Montenegro used to be part of Yugoslavia, but relatively recently separated from it, becoming an independent state.  The country got its name from the expression "country of black mountains", because its most part is located just on the Dinar Highlands, the highest point of which reaches two and a half thousand meters above sea level.  The Adriatic Sea washes this country, but the coast of Montenegro is rocky and steep.  In addition to the Adriatic coast, Montenegro is represented by a flat part and highlands.  Its nature is extremely picturesque - a harsh sea, majestic mountains, green plains.  The most beautiful natural site of Montenegro is considered to be the Bay of Kotor, located on the Adriatic coast.  This is a valley between the mountains, reminiscent of its landscape a real fjord.

The climate in the country is pleasant for living and recreation - moderately continental and Mediterranean on the Adriatic coast, the average annual temperature is 17-18 degrees Celsius.  Thanks to the surrounding mountain range, Montenegro is reliably protected from cold winds and inclement weather.

The tourism industry in Montenegro is quite well developed.  Many travelers go to Montenegro in their cars just to enjoy the natural beauty of the country.  The azure blue sky against the backdrop of towering mountains, emerald green meadows, the turquoise sea - these landscapes captured in your photographs will preserve the brightness of memories of a visit to this amazing country.

However, magnificent natural wealth - this is not all that Montenegro can present to thirsty sight-seeing tourists.  It is known for its historical sights.  Among the memorable places that you should definitely visit in Montenegro are St. Paul's Church and the Catholic Cathedral of St. Tripun in Kotor, the residence of the poet Peter Negosh in Biljard, the Cetinje Monastery in Cetinje, which is rightfully considered the historical and artistic treasury of the country.  In Ostrog you can visit the alpine monastery.  For lovers of picturesque landscapes, an unforgettable visit to Lovcen Mountain, Lake Skadar, the canyon of the Tara River and the Durmitor National Park will be unforgettable.  In these places, the breath away from the magnificence and generosity with which nature has endowed Montenegro.

If you go to the coast of the Adriatic, here you can also find entertainment to your liking.  The beaches of Montenegro may not be as good as in other countries, but the excellent resorts located here will make you forget about the hectic, noisy and stressful life and will allow you to plunge into the world of relaxation, celebration and fun entertainment for a short time.  The level of service at the resorts of Montenegro is deservedly considered one of the highest.  The most famous resorts of the country located on the Adriatic coast are Becici, Herceg Novi, Budva, Petrovac and others.  With their popularity they attract millions of tourists to Montenegro every year who want to enjoy an excellent holiday among magnificent nature and a friendly population.

Fans of antiquity should go on a trip to the small ancient towns of the country - Herceg Novi, Perast, Becici, Risan, Rafailovici, Kotor and Budva.  Their winding narrow streets, small cafes with local cuisine, tiny shops and a mixture of a wide variety of cultures will help you plunge into the real atmosphere of antiquity.