Summer has come - the time of long-awaited vacations.  Where to spend this wonderful time?

If you decide to relax in a new place - welcome to the Adriatic coast, to Montenegro. This country is located on the southern tip, on the shores of the warm Adriatic Sea. Tourists choose holidays in Montenegro for various reasons.  Firstly, numerous pebble and artificial beaches are rightfully considered one of the best in Europe. 

For example, the pebble beach in Becici is recognized as the best beach in Europe in terms of cleanliness and ecological condition.  Secondly the mentality of the local population, most of which are Montenegrins and Serbs, is pretty close to European.  The official language in Montenegro is Serbian. The vast majority of staff in hotels and catering facilities, as well as taxi drivers understand English.  In addition, in many hotels all service information is duplicated in English.  Well, and thirdly, a vacation in Montenegro is optimal in terms of value for money.  This country is rightfully considered the pearl of Europe in terms of its ecological status.  A large number of resorts will gladly accept tourists from all over the world.  Both ordinary tourists, show business stars and famous politicians come to rest in Montenegro, to the world-famous health resorts of Budva, Becici, Milocer, St. Stephan, Petrovac, Herceg Novi.  Life in Montenegro is quite cheap for tourists.

Food, hotel, entertainment - all this is within the middle level in the price category of world resorts.  In numerous cafes and restaurants you will be offered a huge selection of delicious and inexpensive dishes based on fish, seafood, meat and vegetables.  In general, fish is the most popular product in this small country.  While on holiday in Montenegro, you will get the opportunity to try delicious seafood-based goodies prepared with special spices and spices.  Montenegro villas, apartments, cottages - all this is a very, very attractive investment in Montenegro real estate, because this sphere will undoubtedly only develop.  An entry visa to Montenegro isn't required.  The official currency in Montenegro is the euro.  It is allowed to import into the state any amount of declared cash.  Although this is not noted in the customs charter, at the border control point at the airport you may be asked to present the cash that you intend to spend on vacation in Montenegro.  This practice is found in most countries hosting tourists on vacation.

The best option is to bring plastic cards with you.  But you need to remember that the number of cash withdrawal terminals in Montenegro is very limited.  Pilgrimage trips around the country may also be remarkable for someone.  Any tour operator in Montenegro will be able to tell you in advance what will await you on the trip.  While on vacation in Montenegro, you need to remember that for the use of taxi services, when visiting bars and restaurants, it is customary for service personnel to tip 10-15% of the price of the service.  In general, this rule exists in the vast majority of European resorts and health resorts.  Of course, this is not spelled out in the charter of a hotel or restaurant - this is just an unwritten rule.  All tourists staying in Montenegro will find a way to relax to their liking.  Almost all resorts have a large number of football, volleyball, basketball courts, tennis courts.  It offers well-equipped gyms.  For lovers of nightlife - a huge number of discos, with the most fashionable European and world dance music.