A small country in the Balkans, known around the world as Montenegro.

Five to ten years ago, few knew about this corner of Europe, and today thousands of tourists from European countries come to the Adriatic coast.  Amazingly mild Mediterranean climate, excellent ecological conditions, picturesque landscapes and a clear sea - these are not all the advantages of this resort.

Traditionally, couples with children come here, but youth holidays in Montenegro are gradually becoming popular.  Budva - the resort, unanimously recognized as the center of nightlife, offers vacationers a great beach season.  There is a huge variety of discos, clubs, bars and cafes that are located along the promenade of the city, ranging from Slovenska Plazha to the surrounding mountains.

One of the most famous places is the club on the top of Mount Toplish, which offers a wonderful view of the city.  Large night clubs are equipped with the most modern equipment, and famous DJs and music stars come to perform in them.

How to find out more about youth vacations in Montenegro, if neither you nor your friends have been to this country yet?  Our site will provide you with the opportunity to meet in absentia with the best Montenegro resorts, choose a hotel for your stay and purchase a cheap tour to this amazing country.

Of course, not everyone will want to relax in Budva, the capital of nightly entertainment, and spend all their free time at discos and beaches.  Fans of active youth recreation in Montenegro should go to other places.

For example, Kotor is a great place for diving, hiking in the mountains, rock climbing and paragliding - entertainments that will help to get an unforgettable experience.  Near Cape Kotor, at an altitude of 550 meters above the sea, is Vrmac - an ideal place to start paragliding.  The Bay of Kotor has a lot of interesting things for divers of any level: from professionals to beginners.  In the summer, thousands of tourists come here to the Bokelska Night.

On the amazing beaches of the country you can do beach soccer, play volleyball and basketball.  Every year, an international level beach soccer tournament is held in Becici, which is attended by many star players.